Friday, September 5, 2008


Yep, we're moving today! After a year of living in another family's basement it feels really good to be out on our own again. Well, good and scary :) I am sitting in the new apartment right now but we only have our computer set up and our tv. The Comcast guy came and set it all up for us so we are still in the 21st century.

Hopefully tonight people will come out to help us move and then we can get nice and settled... until Spain :)

Have a great weekend! I will be unpacking and enjoying every minute of it, well, sorta...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh What a Crazy Life We Lead!

It's been quite awhile since I posted on here. It seems like ages actually. So much has happened to us in these short few weeks.

Luke turned one! It was very sad and happy for me. I guess I was sad because he is not my little itty bitty baby anymore and I loved having a little baby. Now he has 4 teeth and is walking along furniture!

I finished my jury duty. Yippie! It ended up lasting four almost five weeks. It was very interesting and I did learn a lot but I think that next time I will try even harder to get out of it. Especially if I hear that it is going to be this long again. I really do feel good about doing my Civic duty though :)

Luke has been doing well healthwise. He is eating like a growing boy and has been able to stay out of the hospital for 3 months now! That is the longest that he is gone in between hospital stays almost his whole life. His first hospitalization after birth was when he was 4 months old and it has been 3 months since his last stay in May. I believe that it was the day before Mothers Day the last time that he was released. He has almost constantly been on anitbiotics though but that is fine with me. He is getting over c.diff right now though. Two Sundays ago we were getting ready for evening church and when I was changing his diaper right before we left I noticed that there was blood in his diaper. Not a little, a lot. I can honestly say that freaked me out almost more than anything else I have ever seen! I believe that he is now over that and we are just waiting for his Infant PFT. His doctor wants a new one because she thinks something isn't quite right yet. He sounds clear so I don't know what exactly they are looking for but I am sure she wouldn't order one just because.

The biggest thing that has happened to us is that Dan lost his job on Friday. It was not really a huge shock to us because his boss has not been to happy with him lately. It's not performance based it more that his boss is an unsaved man and I think that he doesn't like it that Dan doesn't go out drinking with him and laugh at all his dirty, crude jokes. I can already see that God is sustaining us and I know that He will continue to sustain us. We are able to get unemployment and Dan is doing a few freelance jobs. We are praying that he is able to get a job before I leave for Spain. That would be awesome.

This is a little that has been going on with us. I hope that I can update with some pictures soon but right now I am running out the door to go babysit. Have a great day!