Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just popping in to say enjoy your New Year! I have been very busy so haven't had much time to post. Not to mention that I have been very sick with this pregnancy and I don't really feel up to writing. Hopefully that will be going away very soon!

I have my CVS on January 6th so hoepfully in a couple of weeks I will know if I am having a girl/boy and if this child has CF. 

Take care!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday Luke had a clinic visit and I was shocked to find out that the Doctors think Luke has Rickets. This slightly concerns me. I don't fully understand what it is and everything that goes along with it but I know that it is something that I am not ready for. I tend to not worry about stuff if the doctor doesn't worry but the doctor was acting strange yesterday. She seemed worried and she NEVER seems worried. She's a pretty cool doctor and usually just goes with the flow. She is very calm and laidback, rarely gets excited. She's a really neat doctor to have when you are like me and freak out over everything. She has helped learn to stay calm.

Anyways, the test results won't be back for several days so I am just going to have to wait until they come back. Until then I will be trying to fatten the little guy up. Unfortunately, Luke lost a few pounds since the last time he was there. Almost a whole kilo which is 2.2 lbs! That's not good when they have an amount that they want him to gain DAILY. I think that it has to do with walking and I hope that next clinic it will be fine again. If not, they mentioned thinking of some interventional ways to get some more calories into him. CMH is very aggressive when it comes to weight.

In other news, I saw the new baby last week on ultrasound and I will be seeing him again tomorrow. I am so excited. Hopefully I will have time to scan in the pictures. Right now he sorta just looks like a blob. However, a very cute blob :)

I have been sick the past week or so and I am finally starting to feel better. I know that it can come back at any time though so I am prepared. I have Zofran and it is awesome :)

Take Care!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Luke Visits Fusion92

Dan wanted to do a screen test with Luke just to see how he would do when we put a camera in front of him. We had a lot more footage than what is on this video but Dan had to edit it really short because he is using it in something he is presenting this morning at work. Hope you like :) I think it's cute.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I have been tagged

Alicia tagged me for a blog award! I probably don't deserve it since I have been having a hard time getting on here to write but I am quite proud of the fact :) Here is her blog and also the originating blog :)
Experiencing Each Moment

Love to Breathe

Alicia also has a CF'er and I think that it is great to be meeting new people through blogging who are also going through similar circumstances. I believe one CF mom put it best "It's great to be around people who's normal is the same as my normal". It's hard to really connect without a lot moms who are not CF moms. Maybe this is something that I need to work on but it is difficult to hear other moms complaining about colds and having to give ONE med every day. I know that there are moms out there that do not have a CF'er but go through the same rigorous medical treatments and other things every day. In fact I know that compared to some people we have absolutely nothing to complain about. I think that I don't just get annoyed because we have to do so much and mothers of healthy kids don't understand I think that it is more because I see the other moms. The ones that have severely handicapped children that will never be independent. I feel for those moms and I know that I am so blessed with Luke. I am sure that they also feel blessed though because I have yet to meet one of those mothers that didn't appreciate every day with their child and love their child unconditionally. Whenever I run into a mother of a sick child at Children's Memorial I walk away feeling blessed by them. I want to be more like them.

Anyways, I should probably stop writing. Luke starts up TOBI again today so that always makes my day a little crazier. I think that he may need it though because whenever his PA is getting a little crazy his breath gets this odd smell which he has again. I hope that you all enjoy getting ready for Christmas!