Monday, December 1, 2008

I have been tagged

Alicia tagged me for a blog award! I probably don't deserve it since I have been having a hard time getting on here to write but I am quite proud of the fact :) Here is her blog and also the originating blog :)
Experiencing Each Moment

Love to Breathe

Alicia also has a CF'er and I think that it is great to be meeting new people through blogging who are also going through similar circumstances. I believe one CF mom put it best "It's great to be around people who's normal is the same as my normal". It's hard to really connect without a lot moms who are not CF moms. Maybe this is something that I need to work on but it is difficult to hear other moms complaining about colds and having to give ONE med every day. I know that there are moms out there that do not have a CF'er but go through the same rigorous medical treatments and other things every day. In fact I know that compared to some people we have absolutely nothing to complain about. I think that I don't just get annoyed because we have to do so much and mothers of healthy kids don't understand I think that it is more because I see the other moms. The ones that have severely handicapped children that will never be independent. I feel for those moms and I know that I am so blessed with Luke. I am sure that they also feel blessed though because I have yet to meet one of those mothers that didn't appreciate every day with their child and love their child unconditionally. Whenever I run into a mother of a sick child at Children's Memorial I walk away feeling blessed by them. I want to be more like them.

Anyways, I should probably stop writing. Luke starts up TOBI again today so that always makes my day a little crazier. I think that he may need it though because whenever his PA is getting a little crazy his breath gets this odd smell which he has again. I hope that you all enjoy getting ready for Christmas!


Alicia said...

Love what you wrote. Great thoughts.

Deb said...

i just wandered through and wanted to say hello! i have a son who was diagnosed with cf at 5 months. he is now 15. i agree with so much of what you wrote about finding others that "understand". even though my son has been extraordinarily healthy (and i know your little fella will be, too!), there are issues that my friends just don't understand.

anyway, take care, and come visit my blog sometime. i don't have too much cf info up, but i do talk a lot about my unruly, crazy kids!