Friday, May 2, 2008

What is Motherhood

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a Mothers day Contest where you have to post a picture about what motherhood is for you. Here's the link to their awesome contest!

I had a tough time finding a picture of what motherhood means to me. When I think of being a mom I think of long nights, midnight feedings, and happy laughter. However, I am in a unique situation, to me motherhood also means- breathing treatments, enzymes, medicines, hospital stays, and regular doctor appointment. I wouldn't trade this job for any other. I love receiving smiles and giggles and I especially love spending time with my little guy. Nobody told me that parenting would be this hard but nobody told me that I would enjoy it so much and that each day is filled with more meaning because I have my little man to take care of.

Luke brings me so much joy so I am posting a picture where I am giving him a breathing treatment but also where he is smiling because his mommy is holding him. This is before the little guy started wearing a mask but now he does wear one when he gets his treatments. This picture makes motherhood worthwhile for me.



carrie & troy keiser said...

What a smile! How could you not smile after seeing that?!

Idony said...

you already know how much i adore that picture....great choice!!!

jesnicole said...


My Life With Boys said...

TAG! You're it- now blog away girl! Love ya!