Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PICC's. Ports, and Poop

I have been horrible at updating but I do have a reason for it! Luke was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday and it has been a roller coaster ride since then. Nothing has come easy this stay for my poor baby. To say that this has been a rough stay emotionally and physically for both Luke and I would be an understatement.

I knew that this stay would be different when they were not able to place his normal arm PICC last Wednesday. Luke's vessels nears his heart have become too narrowed from repeated PICC's and so he can no longer receive PICC's in his arm. Because of this little problem Luke had to get one placed a few days later in his femerol/groin area. They don't allow people to go home with that kind in place so we are going to be here for another week still.

We do not want to have to deal with 2 week stays every time that he gets sick (the vessels won't be good for awhile) and so wee are planning Luke getting a port in the coming week. The surgeon doesn't want to put Luke under until he has finished his antibiotics and that won't be until next Wednesday.

The other issue that Little Man had to deal with was that he contracted Rotavirus and so he was very sick last weekend. He was running a high fever, had diarrhea, was vomiting everything that he ate or drank. I felt so bad for him because I had never seen him like that. He just laid around and didn't even talk. He didn't care if you were holding him or if he was laying on the floor. I have never seen Luke that lethargic or sick. The doctors didn't tell me but they were considering moving him to the ICU if his fever didn't come down. His heart rate was close to 200 and his respirations were very high too.

It's been a few days since his fever broke and he is doing much better. He is still a little irritable but that is to be expected when a 20 month old is stuck in a hospital and not allowed to leave his room.

Luke's new odd thing is that his teeth are turning gray. Yes, that is very odd. Apparently his Iron is low and so they are giving him iron supplements 3 times a day. That is the only thing that could possibly be turning his teeth gray. The Resident is going to be talking with a dentist so hopefully we will have some answers soon. I would really like to know if this is going to be permanent. My poor child will scare all the girls away with his smile!

I will try and post more often but like I have said before, I make no promises :)