Friday, May 15, 2009

Update and Great Strides

We are home! We actually have been for a week but I am just now getting around to posting. Luke's port is safely in place and doesn't seem to bother him at all. The surgery to place it was so easy and Luke had no problems with the anesthesia. I think that the Dr's scared me more than was necessary :)

Luke's cough is much better and I am hoping it stays that way for awhile. I don't want another hospital stay till Baby has been born and is able to walk. Overall I would say that we are at a 'resting' point. Everything seems to be okay and we are just living life.

Tomorrow is a big day though! We are walking in the Schaumburg Great Strides walk and hoping to raise more money for Cystic Fibrosis research. A cure is so close and the CFF needs all the funds they can get to continue with the expensive clinical trials.

I am asking that you donate something to my Great Strides campaign if it is possible for you. It would mean so much to us. Any amount is helpful and nothing is too small. You can donate by clicking the button on the side or going here

It should be fun tomorrow and I will post pictures so you can all see what happens at a walk. I may have to borrow someone's camera though because ours just pooped out. Not cool....

Anyways, I took a couple of pics today with my camera phone. Try not to look too closely at my messy bathroom (going to scrub it down after posting this) or my sheer shirt. Tomorrow I will be wearing another shirt under it, don't worry. Also, I know it is not a maternity shirt. I decided that I wanted to wear it even after I was pregnant so a maternity shirt probably wouldn't work for that. Oh well, the shirt shows off Luke's little sister (who is doing great btw).

30 Weeks- Only 10 more to go!


Mount Belly Mama said...

What a cute pregnant mama you are! I love it!

Jessica said...

I have a lot of questions about Cf If you find the time could you email me, My son does not have CF but has Bronchiectasis. It't treatment is the same as Cf treatment clean outs and such. Thank you!

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