Saturday, December 19, 2009


Not much going on over here and that is quite a good thing for us!

Dan has been working insane hours so I have been home with the kids quite a bit. I think that maybe that is helping with Luke's sickness. Since I am not taking him to as many places as I normally do I think he is not being exposed to as many sick bugs. If secluding ourselves all winter is what it takes to stay out of the hospital then secluded we will stay! I am really not into having a hospital stay right now.

Ana is growing, growing, growing. I am only nursing 1-2 times a day now but I am okay with that. She now eats avocados and sweet potatoes but will be starting carrots soon.I am still making her food thanks to the Beaba BabyCook that my pastor's wife loaned me. That thing is amAAAAAzing!

Anywho. Will check back in soon! Well, maybe as soon as Christmas is over :)