Thursday, February 14, 2008

65 Roses

I have had a rough week this past week. It all started last week whenever Luke was in the hospital.

The doctors decided to run a test that they really didn't think was necessary but needed to rule it out anyway. They took Luke's blood and told us to wait a few weeks for those test results.

Luke was scheduled for an early morning dr appointment on Tuesday so that we could follow up with the dr. A nurse called us Monday afternoon and said that Luke's primary physician wanted to see him and that they wanted BOTH Dan and I to be there.

Right away I knew what it was. I was right too. The doctor sat us down and proceeded to tell us that Luke has a life-threatening disorder where the mucous in his body is too think and can't be expelled from his body. That was why he has been in the hospital so much lately. He can't get the mucous out. The disorder was also causing him to not gain weight and so that was why my 5 month old was the size of a 2 month old.

Luke has Cystic Fibrosis and while I know that it is not a death sentence I do know that it is life altering. The life span for someone with CF is 35. I pray that by the time Luke is that old they will have come even further in the technology and research and he can be healthier for longer.

I don't know what is going to happen but I do know that God is still Sovereign and there is a reason for this all. I believe that God can use Dan and I to be witnesses to the countless doctors and nurses that will work on Luke in his lifetime. We want Luke to live a fulfilling life and not be weighted down with his illness. In fact, I have heard other CF parents call CF a blessing so that their children feel better about it. Maybe I will call it that now....

Here's my little man receiving a breathing treatment. We do this a few times a day.



My Life With Boys said...

He looks so cute in this picture! What a smile?! I sure do love that kid! Tell him his Aunt Sarah said 'hi'! Oh, and give him lots of kisses for me too! =)