Friday, February 15, 2008

Is The Day Over Yet?

Wow! We have had an interesting last 24 hours! We went to Luke's first appointment and because he has a cough and wheeze they decided to put him in the hospital for a CF "tune up". We are going to be here for about 2 weeks so I am trying to make myself as comfortable as possible.

Luke had a rough night though. He had to get a PICC line this morning and if you don't know it is a long iv that goes from the elbow to the heart. It is better than a traditional iv because it doesn't have to be changed every 90 hours. It was sad though because he couldn't eat past midnight. He was up most of the night crying and wiggling because he was so hungry. Thankfully the nurses here are awesome and so whenever I would get stressed she would come in and help me.

The PICC thing was tough on the little man. They had to sedate him and I guess he did well with that. I had to sit in the waiting room and that was a totally new experience for me. Usually I stay by him the whole time but not this time. It's was difficult to leave my baby laying on a bed in the middle of a big room with lots of people he didn't know. I had to cry on the way out because I felt like i was abandoning him.

When we got back from the procedure Luke was ready to eat but his therapist came in to give him a breathing treatment. She didn't want him to eat first so he threw a hour long back arching bloodcurdling scream temper tantrum. It was tough because I was the one holding him down and I had to make sure that he wasn't hurting himself.

Thankfully, I finally fed him and then gave him a bath. Now he is sleeping in his crib all tuckered out. He's such a sweetheart (although I wouldn't have said that at 4am last night).


My Life With Boys said...

Okay, so I was almost crying...I would've been a literal basket case if they did that to one of my little guys. Poor guy. ::::Sad face::::

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I came over from Sarah's site. I am praying for little Luke. Keep trusting Him.

Kevin and Jill Thompson said...

Hey, Courtnie, it's me, Jill (whose mom was your kindergarten teacher!) I just wanted you to know that my husband and I have been praying for you this week. Several ladies that I teach with are praying for you as well. I can't imagine what you're going through, but God knows! At a school where I used to teach, a boy graduated from high school who had CF. He had an amazing testimony and spirit in spite of (maybe because of?) his routine hospitalizations and treatment. He's now a freshman in college and made it almost through two semesters with no health issues!

Just wanted you to know you're prayed for and thought of . . .