Monday, February 16, 2009

What a sweetie!

So what does the husband of a pregnant lady get her wife for Valentine's Day?

Junk food of course! Dan surprised me with Reese's, Gardettos, Oreos, and chips and cheese dip. Only a man who truly knows his wife would have gotten that. I really didn't care about flowers, my sense of smell is in overdrive anyways, so I was super stoked when I received the food.

We also went to my sister's church for a Valentine's banquet and we enjoyed that a lot. We spent the night in a nice hotel (that I only spent $45 on with name your own price on Priceline) and then spent the day with my mom, stepdad, sister and her family, brother and his finacee, and my younger sister. It was a good weekend and Dan and I both said that we really liked it!

I will leave you with how Lukie thinks that you eat a Reese's when you are very hungry.

Who needs to take the paper off? It gives a little more fiber :)