Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clinic visit

Luke had his very first clinic visit on Tuesday. I didn't really know what to expect because we had been to clinic before but the second they saw Luke they admitted him for a 2 week stay. This time it went allot better :)

The first thing they did was check his pulseox, temp, and weight. He sating at %100 which is awesome for him. He used to always sat around %96-97 so 100 is great. His temp was normal but yesterday he was 99.5 degrees under the arm. I think that was from teething though.

His weight deserves a whole new category. He gained 11 ounces! That is super good! He is averaging a weight gain of 28 grams a day and the dr's want him at 15 grams a day. Luke is reaching that and going! They were so happy with his weight gain that they said we could come back in 4 weeks instead of the original 2. I can't believe how well he is doing.

They did change his acid reflux meds because he has had a few nights where he has thrown up. They don't want him to lose any weight because of the reflux so they switched him to Prevacid. I was really bummed because the pharmacy said that KidCare wouldn't cover the Prevacid but when I called his nurse to tell her that it needed to be switched she got upset and said that they were supposed to cover it for CF patients. She called the state to notify them of his diagnosis and tonight I can pick it up. I really hope that it works because he gets a cough from it and it is also making him congested.

We have to go and get another Speech Swallow Study in a couple of weeks and I hope that they say we can be done with the thickener. Luke seems to be doing okay with the new thickener which isn't as thick but I hope to be completely off of it. It's just another step in the bottle making process.

Luke has been having some odd poops so I talked to his dietician today and she upped his enzymes to 2 before solids. He has been eating so many solids lately that she thinks that is why is poops are looking loose and black. He is teething though so she said that might be part of the reason for his stools looking like that.

Speaking of food. Luke is eating everything! He wants all of his solids at every meal. I think that he is starting to take in more calories than I am! He gets about 100 calories from his solids sometimes double that because he will eat 2 tubs, then he gets 120 calories from the oil I put in. After he is done eating we give him a bottle which has another 120 calories. This little man should be a chunker soon!

I will leave you today with a picture that we took the other day. This is the face he makes whenever he thinks his mommy is being silly.


My Life With Boys said...

You need to pick out fabric for a new bag for Luke. Okedoke?