Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oil,oil, everywhere

I am so sick of putting my hand down on a surface and finding canola oil.

Whenever Luke eats I add a TBS of oil to his food and let me tell you, it doesn't mix easily. I tend to let it slosh around everywhere and then by the time I am done feeding Luke I have forgotten about the oil. What doesn't help either is that I feed Luke in different areas. The computer area is my favorite because I can get caught up on my shows while I feed him or give him a breathing treatment. It's quite the shocker to start typing only to realize that you wrist is now covered with oil.

The enzyme capsules are a whole other story but I will save that for another day.


Julie said...

Hi Courtnie-

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I hope Luke is doing well. I was trying to find a way to email you directly.

I remember those days of trying to fatten up Seamus. We always had a hard time because he has multiple food allergies and other GI issues that they've just discovered the causes of in the last few months. He used to vomit everything all the time.

It was really hard dealing with the feeding tube at first but now it's second nature. I think the fact that he got one so early really helps because it's all he can remember.

It is really nice to have other CF moms to talk with. We belong to a support group at our hospital. I was pregnant when we discovered Seamus had CF so I had lots of time to do research before he was born but I think the Internet can be both a blessing and a curse. I've found lots of good information but sometimes some of the message boards can be so depressing I had to stop reading them. You mostly only hear about the worst case scenarios and I try to keep a positive outlook.

If you want to email me directly, you can at


My Life With Boys said...

Tag- you're it again! Love ya!