Sunday, March 8, 2009


My title says it all! This past weekend I have been feeling so overwhelmed. I think that it might be the 2am iv infusions or maybe the fact that I can't seem to get any energy during the day to clean, do laundry, and cook so my house is pretty much a disaster. Add to all of those things that Luke has decided to assert his independence quite frequently and I feel like my head is going to explode. Oh yes, and speaking of heads about to explode, that really is from the headache that I have been fighting since Tuesday. It just won't go away!

I really don't want to sound like a whiner but this is just so hard sometimes. Being pregnant and taking care of a high needs child is much more difficult than I thought that it would be. I am having one of those weekends where I wish that my family lived 5 minutes away so that I could just have my sister over and I could sleep for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Whenever Luke has his pic line I never feel quite right sleeping because I know that he could be in the other room pulling his pic line out. I feel like I am sleeping with one eye open.

It's been nice having Dan home but it went by so fast. Tomorrow is back to the grind of taking care of Luke Man all by myself. I am sure that tomorrow morning I will be feeling better and Tuesday I will be feeling much, much better because he will no longer have his pic line. I think that I just need some sleep. Right now I feel like I could sleep for a year. I probably should be sleeping right now but I have some things to do before bed. I finally understand why people say that there aren't enough hours in the day.

I will stop being a whiner now but while I am whining I will add that I have been a little discouraged because very few people have signed up for the Great Strides walk. I really want Luke's Legion to be awesome this year but it can't really happen if nobody shows! I know that there are a lot of people who say that they are going to sign up and donate and I know that I should be patient but I am having a bad week and I think that just compounded it. I am sure that there will be a good response, I just hope that we can raise a decent amount of money this year. The cure could be found this year but the CFF needs the resources to research everything. If anyone has some good fundraising ideas please let me know! I am all for it :)

I hope that everyone has a good week. I hope to be on more this week because Luke has clinic on Tuesday and we will know more about how his liver is doing. I am curious about his weight too. I think that he has gained a little since being home. He's quite the chunker!