Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Pirate?

No! It's just Lukie with his eye patch on! The eye dr wants him to use an eye patch for awhile but it looks like he is going to be having surgery in a few months. His eyes are misaligned and so they need to fix them. I honestly don't completely understand what is going on but I am going to trust the eye dr on this one.

The weird thing is that his eyes are still dilated! He got them dilated at 2.30 yesterday and this morning they are still wide as saucers. I wasn't going to place the patch over his eye but he seemed to be doing a little better and since I want him to get used to it I decided to stick it on there. He fussed at first but then left it alone and went back to watching tv. I am supposed to get him to play with toys and looks at books but considering the morning that we are having I think we are going to be happy with watching tv and no crying.


Carrie said...

Awwww..poor baby! He is the cutest little thing! said...

I just started a CF blog that you might want to check out. I have been fighting Cystic Fibrosis now for 29 years and I'm still loving the heck out of life. I'm also a pretty good sounding board if you ever have anything on your mind concerning CF.

Best Wishes!

Idony said...

the surgery (if its what i think it is) is simply shortening or tightening (or something) the muscles in his eye to make it line up with his other one (my little brother had the same surgery)

im sorry his eyes arent aligning though. i wish you could get some good news once in a while :hug: