Saturday, May 15, 2010

Change of plans!

Today we were supposed to be doing family things and in a way we did. We took Lukie to the hospital together!

Luke is going to be in a for a few days (hopefully only a few) to be cleaning out his system. He is not super sick, just has a cough that he can't seem to shake. Poor little guy :(

He is all nice and settled in on his favorite floor with his favorite nurses. I think he actually enjoys being in the hospital because of all the attention that he receives.

Tonight he is spending the night with Daddy and me and Ana are going to have a girls night here at home. I can't believe how quiet my house can be without Luke! He sure is loud.

Anyways, if anything big happens (which I am praying doesn't) I will try to keep my blog updated about. Have a great weekend!


Luke and Jessica said...

Hi. My name is Jessica Hughes. I am 23 and just married my perfect match. He is a 23 yr old with CF. And his name is LUKE. Just thought this might be encouraging to you, since I truly understand what struggles CF can bring to everyday living. I would love to communicate with you more. Would you mind giving me your email address or e-mailing me at

Hope you had a great Monday!