Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Allen #2

I had my CVS today and everything seems to be okay. No spotting and the cramping has already stopped. I should have the results within the next few weeks. I have heard several different time frames so I am just going to try and relax and wait. Not the easiest thing for me but I can handle it.

The bad news is that I was sick yesterday and today Dan and Luke are sick. Luke just vomited all over his sheets and Dan is trying his best not to :( Both of them are in bed so I am using this time to catch up on some things that needed done.

Thursday I have another dr's appt but this will be a normal midwife appt. I am excited because it is my first 'real' appt.

Here's the little bean! He/she was very active during the whole thing today. I had never seen Luke that active in the womb. Hoping that doesn't mean I will have another crazy child, yikes!