Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Sweet... Hospital?

Tonight I am sitting in my kitchen and actually blogging. The house is not quite clean but is superly duperly quiet. When I walked in this evening I couldn't realize what was missing. Did Dan take something off the wall? Is the Christmas tree still there (unfortunately, yup)? Did something get stolen? I walked down the hallway and looked in the bedrooms and that is when I realized what was missing from our house. One little 17 month old toddler.

Tonight Dan is in the hospital with Luke were he is staying for a tune-up. He also contracted C.diff so that was causing him to be in quite a bit of pain. I took him for a normal appt on Tuesday but we decided to admit him instead of waiting for him to get uber sick. I kinda appreciate the dr doing that. My weak stomach couldn't take much more vomit from him.

This stay hasn't been too bad. I think the difference is that Luke can get down and play instead of having to stay in the crib the whole time. Walking makes all the difference! I am not saying that I enjoy this, I am just saying that it is not a nightmare like it normally is.

The first day he was in I cried. We had to wait in a little, tiny room for about 5 hours because the hospital was full and there were no beds. Luke screamed all 5 hours. Not fun. He was in so much pain from the c.diff tearing through his intestines that he wasn't happy being held. Also, they thought that he was going to have to be sedated that day so he wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything. He didn't like that!

We did get a room though and settled in for the night. He slept in my arms the first night and to say that I hated it would be a lie. Although I barely got any sleep it was precious to me. He has never liked snuggling so the fact that he snuggled with me the whole night brought tears to my eyes. I am only going to have a little boy for a short time. I want to enjoy that time with him.

He has now been in the hospital for 4 days and it looks like he is coming home on iv's on Sunday or Monday. Nice and short. I like these stays. I am just praying that he doesn't pull his PICC out. That is not cool and believe me, it's happened before.

One side note though, Luke was by a speech therapist as having Food Sensory Aversion. I don't have the energy to explain it but I promise to in the near future.


Idony said...

hi courtney,
i just wanted to let you know i still read your blog and think of you and luke often. im sorry he was in the hospital again, and very sorry to hear of the food aversion. what are they planning to do for that, or are you going to wait and see at this point? how many picc lines has the poor kiddo had now? have they ever thought about anything more perminant for the future?

im glad to see that overall things are going mostly well for luke and your pregnancy.

alicia (