Friday, April 4, 2008

10 Years

I thought that I would mention how it has been 10 years this Sunday since my father passed away due to ALS. It still hurts that he is gone but I rest in the fact that I am going to see him again.

I will always remember him and his unabashed way he witnessed to everyone he met. Nobody left my dad's presence without knowing how much he loved his family and his God.

These are a few things that have happened since he passed.

~I became a teenager
~I learned how to drive
~I graduated High School
~I became an adult
~I fell in love
~I got married
~I had a child

There are so many other things that I wish he could have been here for but I know that God is Sovereign and there is a reason. I try not to dwell on what he missed but on what he was there for like-

-my birth
-when i learned how to walk
-when i first talked
-my first day of school
-my salvation
-my baptism
-playing Saturday morning soccer (he was always faithfully there cheering me on)
-going on various family vacations to so many places in the US
-yelling from the car "RACE CAR DADDY!" who could forget that

I am just so happy that I had the time with him that I did.

I have a heritage I am proud of.

Thank you Mom and Dad. Dad, someday I will see you soon! I love you!

Dad and I right after I was born


When I was a few years old in Texas.


Lastly, a few months before he died- with me, Daniel, and Bethany.



MamaFish said...

Yep, today is the day. Amazing how ten years have literally flown by. I think I miss him now more than then. ~Cass