Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Second Home

So we had an interesting weekend which ended with us in the ER. Luke has a persistent cough that just won't go away with oral antibiotics so we are here at CMH so that his cough will go bye-bye.

He is on Tobrymiacin (sp?) and Zosyn some of the strongest antibiotics. We are hoping that he hasn't developed Psuedomonis and so we have to wait for the culture results. Luke is being a trooper though and flirting with all of the nurses. Thankfully he got his favorite nurse so all is good in Lukey land.

Here are some pictures of where we are.

His room


The view from his room -that's the Sears Tower and Hancock Building in the background!

Mr Peg Leg


Mommy and Baby- He's in isolation so I have to wear gloves and a gown. I am supposed to be wearing a mask but the Doctor said that I could slide this time. I couldn't imagine wearing a mask 24/7! Oh, and I look a little rough because there are no hair dryers here and even though I do my makeup it seems like it goes off really fast.



Idony said...

aww poor little guy, at least he seems to have a good attitude about it for a baby, i know val HATES being in the hospital, mostly because when she has an ive she cant crawl all over the place (she manages to take it out all the time no matter what they do)

he is such a cute little guy, why do the cute ones always have to be so hard, i wish no baby ever had to be sick

:hug: i hope he gets better real quick, feel free to send me a line whenever you want (im not sure if ive asked you before but but do you have an instant messenger? im not on the computer all that much latly since vals not been doing so well but i check it peridoically throughout the day)

My Life With Boys said...

Oh my! He is looking so much like my Noah! He's such a cutie and he does look like he's putting on weight! Yay, for Luke! Hope he gets better soon- I love that little guy!