Monday, April 7, 2008

It's late and I'm Bored

So here are a few things that I have learned through my various hospital stays-

-Hospital food tastes rather bland and costs too much
-Yellow isolation gowns make me look fat
-There is nothing good on tv till 6:30pm (Wheel of Fortune baby)
-ER nurses need to get better with iv's
-Night nurses are cool (they let you get away with anything)
-Respiratory therapy is always late and there was always an emergency before your turn
-Babies scream when their iv blows
-My fingers get wrinkly when I wear gloves all day
-Residents don't really do any good, they always ask their Attending anyways who then decides to consult Pulmonology, it's much easier to bypass them all and go straight to you primary Pulmonoligist
-Student nurses don't know much
-The old ladies who teach the student nurses don't know much
-NEVER draw back on a PICC line (the blood clots, this I learned when the before mentioned student nurses did what there before mentioned teachers told them to and pulled back on Luke's PICC making us almost have to put a new line in)
-You need good wave patterns to get a good pulseox reading
-You need to lock BOTH locks in the parent showers (don't ask me how I know)
-The middle elevator going to 9West is going to breakdown one day and I am NOT going to be in it
-It takes about an hour to get a request to the nurse if you call her (she will never recieve the message because the slow person at the desk forgets to tell her)
-Isolation rooms rock
-Room partners always come at 1am, it creates a good bonding experience
-I look like death warmed over
-It's not a good idea to wait till you REALLY have to pee to go, there is usually someone in there by then and remember, you only have so many pairs of underwear

-Nurses rock
-Luke's doctors are the best
-This is the best place he could be

Most of these are silly things that I have really found out but seriously, the nurses and doctors here are great. They have done so much for Luke that is amazing.

Sorry for the ramblings!

Peace out.


My Life With Boys said...

He,he,he...did someone seriously walk in on you taking a shower?! Sorry, but that is funny...!

Idony said...

wow its amazing how much of that is universal with EVERY hospital (the food at the navy hospital here rocks though because they have a subway in the hospital lol)

im glad lukes doctors and nurses are so great :)

Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear that Luke's back in the hospital. I hope he's feeling better soon. That TOBI really does the trick.