Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going on a Trip and other going ons

Tonight we all leave for Pittsburgh! I am pretty excited because I have never been to Pittsburgh (although I have been to various other parts of PA) and we haven't taken a trip in so long.

I used to wonder why my mom got so excited about trips but now I think I understand. IT can be very fun planning a trip and I think that I may enjoy this trip a lot more than I would have if I was little. I think that it will me interesting brining Luke with and trying to get all of his meds packed up and ready to go. I really hope that I don't forget anything.

I should be a pretty good trip considering I am hopped on Vicodin. I have been having back pains for the last couple of weeks and then 2 nights ago it got extremely worse. I went to the er but they couldn't really find anything so yesterday I went to the dr and he thinks that I have a lodged kidney stone. Ewww! Let me tell you, this is very uncomfortable. I sorta wish that I could just curl up in a call and cry. Oh wait, I have already done that several times....

Yesterday the dr prescribed Vicodin and it is very nice. When I am on it I can barely feel anything and it almost makes me feel normal. Well, I would feel normal but I am sorta loopy and people just stare at me and laugh. According to Dan I am quite entertaining :) Glad that I can be funny sometime even if it is when I am on drugs.

This trip should go okay though because I am going to be so spacey that I am just going to go with the flow. I think that Dan thinks he can get away with anything this trip. Actually he probably could. The only problem is that I can't drive and we were going to split the driving time tonight. Oh well, I get to sleep more ;)

Just for an update with Luke- He had a rash on his legs but it seems to be getting better. I went to 2 doctors (I didn't like the dx from the first one, it didn't seem right) and we have come to the conclusion that it is either a diaper rash that has spread of vitamin deficiency. I haven't received a call from the Urgent Care dr telling my if it was a vitamin deficiency so I am thinking that it is a diaper rash gone haywire.

So hopefully I will be to post a lot of pictures on Tuesday and not be writhing in pain too hurting to type.

Asta La Vista!


Idony said...

courtnie, i just saw this and thought imediatly of little luke. i know hes on a bunch of meds and hes always on antibiox. not trying to scare you just letting you know