Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Because

So I totally stole this from my sister but I felt like doing it. Enjoy!

I am…a Christian, married to an amazing man, mom to one of the cutest babies ever, and slightly quirky
I want…to live my life God-honoring, to be the best possible mom and wife I can be
I wish... Cystic Fibrosis didn't exist and that all sinners should come to repentance
I hate...Cystic Fibrosis (do you see a trend?), hypocrites, and sin
I miss…my dad and my grandpa and also the innocence of childhood.
I fear…worms-seriously, and also that I fear losing loved ones.
I feel…sleepy
I hear…the dehumidifier running
I smell…popcorn
I crave…chalupas and anything spicy and cheesy
I search…the internet for pictures of rashes (what? Luke has one and I am worried) and also the Scriptures
I wonder…if I will have more children
I regret…the times I have failed my Savior and the stupid, stupid way I spent money in the beginning of my marriage.
I love…quickly, passionately and loyally
I care…about my husband and son and living for my Father
I ache…in ym kidney area and also that I fall so much in my daily walk
I always...clean out my ears. I know, it's odd but I must do it every day.
I believe…in God, in life, in love
I dance…whenever I can
I the car, in the shower, and very loudly.
I cry…when I am frustrated, hurt, or pmsing
I don’t always... brush my teeth before bed, take a shower every day
I fight… Drama and self-centeredness
I write…on my blog
I never… drink diet pop
I listen… to my child cry every night-he just doesn't understand that he is supposed to sleep in bed
I need…to go to bed
I am happy... God chose to save a sinner such as I and that I have open communication with Him and also that He has given me this life with these people and circumstances.

So there is a little insight into my head. I am sorry to share it all but I guess that I have scared you all now.

Oh, and please pray for Luke because I have to take him to the doctor's tomorrow for his rash that he is getting. I don't think that it is CF related but you never know.



Izzy's Mommy said...

Hi Courtnie,

I hope Luke is doing well. I have added you to my Blog list so I can stay up to date on him. Isabel is doing pretty well this week, but I never know day to day how she will feel. I will be so relieved when she can tell me if she is feeling bad.

You seem to have quite a lot of faith (just from your blog entries) and I was wondering if maybe you would like to talk to me about it.

While I was growing up, my family was United Penecostal and we went to church 4 times a week but since I reached my teens and my parents divorced, I've only been to church a handful of times. I really miss the hope and purpose that spirtuality used to add to my life but I'm just not sure that I get back to where I used to be faithwise. However, if you can do it dealing with everything with Luke than maybe I could with Izzy as well.

Do you go to a church regularly?

How do you keep Luke from catching something at church?

How did you find a church home? (we have really struggled with finding a place that both myself and my husband can agree on.)

Do you ever doubt God now that you know Luke has CF?

If you don't want to respond publicly, you can send me emails at but you don't have to respond at all.