Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's been quite awhile since I have sat down and blogged. I guess that I am busier than I thought I was!

Quite a bit has been going on with Luke and Dan and I so I have a little bit to update you all on. Luke had his very first infant pulmonary function test and it turned out beautifully. His lungs are functioning at 104% which is awesome. The average(non-cf) child has 100% so that means that Luke is doing better than most healthy babies his age. It's so wonderful to see how he is doing and to watch him grow every day.

Luke just got his 2 bottom teeth. I thought that they were never going to come in but they popped through last week. He looks so cute with them :) He is pulling up a lot now too and I am having a hard time keeping him restrained. He likes stairs and other dangerous things.

Luke also had a clinic visit on Monday and that went amazing. He is at 64% for his length-weight ratio and that is right where they want him. The acceptable ratio is 50% but Luke is an overachiever. I remember the first appointment we had with Dr. Watts and she told us she wanted him at 50%. I felt so defeated because I thought that he would never get there. It's hard to believe that it only took us a few months when they warned us it could take a few years to reach 50%! I know that we have more trials we will have to face with his weight but it is nice to know that we are doing a good job now.

The Great Strides walk is this Saturday so I encourage everyone to sign up to walk or to donate, you can do that here. The CFF is an amazing organization and they are working so hard to find a cure. I feel so blessed that people are dedicating their lives to help find a cure or to help raise money to find a cure. Honestly, it humbles me when I realize how much people care. I have come to the realization that I should have donated time or money all those other times that people asked me to. I feel very selfish when I look at the past.

Well, I think that is all for now. I hear Luke trying to get into the bathroom so I should go get him before he starts drinking the water in the toilet :)


The New Mrs. Rue said...

I know these posts are a few years old, but I've just found your blog. Your words are resounding with me, we don't know if we're facing CF or what we're facing, but it's been a battle for over a year now. Thanks for your honesty in letting me know I'm not the only one who "wants off" the rollercoaster ride of a parent to a sick child!!!